ReactFirebaseChart JS
React based application to track net worth using multiples charts.

Profitchart is a web application that allows to monitor a person’s net worth through the monthly update of data from accounts, investment funds or any other type of asset.

Technologies used

This section describes the technologies used for its development.

  • React: the application is based on React using modules such as Redux or React router.
  • Firebase: being a fairly simple application, I think that the development of a backend would be an unnecessary effort. Instead, I use the Firebase database, which can be modified directly from React using the corresponding node-module.
  • Sass: the design of the application has been done with Saas, a CSS pre-processor that facilitates the application of styles.
  • ChartJS: as a good tracking application, it needs a chart library. In this case I have decided to use ChartJS because it’s simple and powerful.