JustTasks is a simple, straightforward and minimalist task manager, that's all!

JustTasks is a simple and easy task management application. No projects, no labels, no priorities, no teams, just tasks.

How JustTasks works?

JustTasks has a simple and easy to use user interface. We can move between the different days using the two top buttons. We can always go back to today by pressing the top middle button : “Today”.

To create a task, we place ourselves in the column of the day where we want to create it and click on the “New task” button. Write the title of the task and press enter to add it. Tasks can be moved between days by dragging them between the different columns. To delete them, simply drag them to the button with the trash icon.


The reason I created JustTasks is simple: I needed a task application where only I could add tasks. Applications like Todoist or Microsoft Todo have a lot of features that I don’t use and end up overloading me when I just need to get to the important stuff.

Developed services

  • Web app
  • Static web
  • Mobile app (Under development)